The Ministry of National Defence (MDN) participates in the definition of national defence policy and, in this context, develops and executes the policy regarding the military component of national defence and coordinates, monitors and supports the implementation of the non-military component of the defence policy of other governmental areas, whose actions to be implemented are identified in the Strategic Concept for National Defence (CEDN). In crisis management, the MDN ensures the respective national response of the military component, within the framework of the alliances of which Portugal is a member. In terms of relations with international military bodies, it coordinates and guides actions relating to the fulfilment of military commitments arising from instruments of international law, without prejudice to the powers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In relation to its functions of supervision and inspection of the Armed Forces, the Ministry is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Armed Forces and for ensuring the preparation of the means at their disposal and monitoring and inspecting their use.

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