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The multidisciplinary nature of the 5 market-orientated business units makes ACE a valuable integrator: 1. ACE Industrial Automation employs specialists in mechanical, electrical and control engineering. Our engineers work from the design phase to completion and develop integrated solutions. 2. ACE Construction Technology is a recognised partner for the mechanical design and engineering of large structures, installations and equipment operating under the toughest conditions. Shipbuilding, offshore, crane construction and equipment construction: ACE's engineers feel at home in large and complex constructions! 3. In the field of mechanical and mechatronic development, ACE High-tech Systems has extensive knowledge of mechanical precision and construction principles for precise movement and positioning. ACE engineers have multidisciplinary knowledge of measurement and control technology, as well as actuators and sensors for motion control. 4. ACE Automotive operates in the fields of propulsion systems, interiors and chassis. Our automotive engineers excel in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and software development. ACE Automotive works closely with its "sister" company BRACE automotive development and can therefore also carry out technically specialised projects. 5. with ACE product development, it adds specialised knowledge of materials and production technology to the project design phase. ACE Product Development engineers are creative engineers, capable of the technical translation of a project.

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UPTEC MAR - Av. Liberdade S/N, Leça da Palmeira

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Simao Carvalho

937 058 399

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