Active Space Technologies S.A.

Active Space Technologies is a European based company operating in space, aeronautics, nuclear and industry. Active Space Technologies offers bespoke electro-mechanical systems for extreme harsh environments, such as instruments and mechanisms, actuators and wireless sensing systems. Our systems are qualified for high-g, high temperature radiation environments. Our core activities focus on: space instrumentation, structural and thermal control systems for space applications, harsh environment monitoring and control systems for aerospace applications, remote handling systems for hazardous and radiation environments, automated systems for industry. Areas of expertise: Active Space Technologies provides Engineering and Scientific services, including design and onsite service support, in the following areas: mechanical engineering (thermal and structural analysis, fluid dynamics, design, high precision manufacturing, integration, and testing), electronics engineering (automation, embedded systems, digital control), management support services for technology transfer and development projects (project management, quality assurance, systems engineering, project coordination).

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Parque Industrial de Taveiro lote 12

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Filipe Martins Castanheira

916 738 609

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