ARDITI - Agência Regional para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação, Tecnologia e Inovação - Associação

The Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation - ARDITI, aims to support research and experimental development activities, the promotion of technological dissemination, training and scientific and technical information, as well as actions that contribute to the modernisation and development of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM). This support will be in accordance with the economic and social development plan of the RAM, in particular to ensure the sustainability of economic growth and employment in the Region. This plan enshrines a new paradigm of development policies based on innovation, entrepreneurship and the knowledge society, thus ensuring a significant increase in the educational and training levels of the population and, at the same time, increasing social cohesion.

General information


Edíficio Madeira Tecnopolo, Piso 2, Caminho da Penteada

Point of Contact

Clemente Luís Sequeira Aguiar

962 548 514

Areas of interest

Artificial IntelligenceAutomation/RoboticsIntelligence and Data WarfareRadars, navigational data and surveillance systemsR&DUnmanned Aerial SystemUnmanned Surface Marine Vehicles (USVs)Unmanned Systems