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BeyondComposite is a Portuguese Engineering company dedicated to the field of advanced composite materials. In this field, there is a constant demand for high performance and lightweight composites, which we take into serious consideration. Our knowledge of polymeric materials and reinforcements (either fibers, fibrous structures or particles) allows us to develop multiscale composites (reinforced at different scales), multigrade composites (different properties tuned by layer) and self-sensing composites. With this knowledge combined with the know-how on the processing technologies, we are able to develop ballistic and other high-end composites. Composite materials have also been a game-changer in the defense industry, particularly in the development of armored vehicles, aeronautics, personal equipment, and constructions. They offer exceptional performance in terms of strength, durability, and weight, making them an ideal choice for a range of applications. In armored vehicles and aeronautics, the STANAG 4569 standard has been developed to classify ballistic protection levels from 1 to 4. Composite materials have been widely used to meet these standards, providing a high level of protection while keeping the weight of the vehicle or aircraft at a minimum. The Urovesa is an excellent example of a vehicle fitted with composite armor developed by BeyondComposite, providing an additional layer of protection against ballistic threats.

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