Composites Kingdom, Lda

Composites Kingdom is dedicated to manufacturing parts from composite materials: We manufacture from scratch parts for Automobiles, Aviation and Armour of various levels; We produce parts in Aramid, (Kevlar), Carbon in Dry Fabric, Prepreg, Spectra, Twaron, Dyneema and Ballistic Fabrics; Hybrid Composites (Carbon-Kevlar or Carbon-Glass); Parts with various finishes such as painting or varnishing; Curing process is controlled by automaton with recording of temperatures and curing time, for later quality control; Design of the moulds, produced in different products, from fibreglass and gelcoat, Necuron blocks, machined in cnc, and Aluminium moulds machined in cnc, composites of the best brands, both in dry fabrics and Prepregs preserved at -18ºC, sealants, varnish, paint, to deliver a high quality product to the customer.

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Rua da Oliveirinha, nº14 Fanadia-Caldas da Rainha

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Composites Kingdom, Lda

927 563 981

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