Critical Software, S.A.

Aerospace - We are dedicated to our clients' projects from take-off to successful landing, ensuring they reach their final destination on time (and on budget). Automotive - We created Critical TechWorks (a joint venture with BMW Group) to revolutionise the way the world moves. Defence and Homeland Security - We create systems that support peacekeeping, and search and rescue operations, from the operations centre to assets on the ground, including training and simulation solutions. Medical Devices - We test medical device software and design data platforms for healthcare organisations around the world, ensuring they have the best technology available to do their job. Ecommerce - We transform shopping journeys in ecommerce using smart technologies to generate game-changing information, create personalised experiences and help improve business results, always putting the customer at the centre. Energy - We develop and validate innovative infrastructure solutions nationally and bring to market comprehensive smart device testing products. Space - Whether it's needed to observe the Earth or is destined for Mars, the software we develop is powerful, secure and cost-effective. Rail - We develop, test and certify embedded systems, from CENELEC standards to the highest standards of integrity and safety. Government - We create systems that support the functions of government, making it easier for those at the helm of these institutions to lead. Financial Services - We work with companies that want to stay ahead of the game and call on our creativity, cutting-edge technology solutions and project management know-how. Telecommunications - We help companies organise their work orders, enabling our clients to extend the life cycles of their technologies.

General information


Parque Industrial de Taveiro, lote 49

Point of Contact

Nuno Bustorff Silva

917 788 376

Areas of interest

Artificial IntelligenceAutomation/RoboticsBattlespace CommunicationsBeyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) SystemsCivil protectionConsulting & Management Advisory ServicesData ManagementDigital, Data & Emergent Hi-TechDigital ship and ship digital architectureEducation & TrainingInformation SuperiorityIT Services and SoftwareLogistics/Integrated Logistics SupportMicro ElectronicsRadars, navigational data and surveillance systemsSecurity SystemsSimulation and TrainingTesting, Certification and Quality Assurance