Embaixada República Coreia

Korea and Portugal are at the two extremes of the Eurasian continent. Yet they have overcome all the limitations that this geographical distance might cause and today both respect openness and diversity. Based on Portuguese maritime expansion, Portugal has developed an open and unique culture, in various forms and in areas as diverse as architecture, literature and the decorative arts, which is why Portugal now has more than twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites. This wealth of heritage has made Portugal one of the most popular tourist destinations for Koreans. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1961, both countries have developed a close relationship, sharing universal values such as democracy, the market economy and human rights. In 2021, 60 years of this bond were celebrated, throughout which our Embassy has carried out various public diplomacy activities to win the hearts of the Portuguese, promoting friendship between the two countries and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship of cooperation. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will continue to work to strengthen bilateral relations in all areas, including political, economic and cultural. Trade Department: kotralisbon@kotra.or.kr - 21 595 1700

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Av Miguel Bombarda 36-7, Lisboa

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Hyun Ho Kim

21 793 7200


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