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The main mission of the EuroDefense-Portugal Association is to promote the study, reflection and debate on European security and defence policy and its implications for Portugal, including issues related to the development of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base and its articulation with end users, companies and national research and technological development centres. Its main attributes to fulfil its mission are the following: Promote the study, research, debate and dissemination of issues related to the Common Security and Defence Policy and its implications for Portugal; Study issues related to the development of the European security and defence technological and industrial base and the natural consequences for companies and national research and technological development centres; Facilitate links between European security and defence policies and strategies, industries and national technological institutes and centres, including support for the activities of business associations in this sector; Raise public opinion and society's awareness of the common interests of European countries and contribute to the development of a security and defence culture; Organise seminars, round tables, meetings, debates and conferences on issues related to European security and defence, especially taking into account the natural implications for national security and defence policies and the defence economy; Serve as a forum and meeting point for entities and personalities outside EuroDefense-Portugal, dedicated to the study of these themes, namely youth associations and university institutions; Present studies and information resulting from its activity for the consideration of members and national decision-makers; Assign studies and works to external entities, according to the Annual Activity Plan and financial availability.

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