FEUP's R&I structures are made up of Research and Development Centres, Associated Laboratories, Interface Institutes and Competence Centres that boost the creation of knowledge and innovation at FEUP. Also favourable to the innovation process at FEUP is its location on the Asprela Campus, where the Technology Hub of the University of Porto Science and Technology Park (UPTEC) is located. This is where synergies between the academic and business worlds are promoted: companies such as CIN, Sonae Indústria and Efacec invest in laboratories where innovative ideas are developed to the clear advantage of both parties. UPTEC's new Innovation Centre, whose building is located on the FEUP campus, reinforces the link with national and international companies geared towards the mass production of market-oriented technologies.

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R. Dr. Roberto Frias s/n

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Mário Augusto Pires Vaz

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