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Graphenest aims to develop and implement the next generation of graphene-based electromagnetic shielding solutions for the e-mobility market, helping Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers comply with industry regulations and standards. Decrease cost and production times: Typically metal-based solutions are produced in energy and time intensive processes. For example, alternative coaxial cables can be produced 50 times faster, replacing slower metal braiding processes. Improving armouring and weight performance: electric vehicles are still heavy (+30% more than combustion vehicles) and therefore have a low mileage range due to the use of heavy metal-based solutions that are transversal to all components used. In this respect, the battery life expectation remains low: the lifetime of EV batteries is of great importance, due to the power source of an electric car being an expensive component to replace. As the industry builds more vehicles with batteries, managing the lifetime of a battery is an important aspect for the OEM. With electric vehicles, the shielding issues are even greater. The large magnetic field between the battery cables and the engine, as well as between the battery and the charger, can adversely affect the vehicle's electronic systems. EMI originating from external sources is also a cause for concern, as it can damage the battery and all associated electronic circuits. This topic is of great importance in upcoming EV technologies such as 5G and 6G communications.

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