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Grey Moose, Unipessoal, Lda

Consulting, development of engineering studies and project management of the life cycle of materials and systems, including research, planning, conception and design, development and testing, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, repair, transformation, maintenance and dismantling of electromechanical systems, computer systems, clothing and personal equipment. Trade and industry of military and dual use goods and technologies, electromechanical systems, computer systems, clothing and personal equipment including purchase, sale and lease under any of its contractual forms, import, export, re-export or transit activities of the same goods as well as intermediation in business related to them. Organisation of events and management of training, assessment and testing processes and systems. Implementation, management and audit of management systems.

General information


Av 25 de abril, nº 2

Point of Contact

José Rosa Dias

911 594 883

Areas of interest

Artificial IntelligenceAutomation and Robotics components and TechnologiesAutomation/RoboticsControl Electronics TechnologiesEducation & TrainingElectrical & Electronics EquipmentGround Support EquipmentLogistics/Integrated Logistics SupportNetwork architecturesPersonal EquipmentR&DRemote Sensing and Ground SegmentTesting, Certification and Quality AssuranceWeapons & Ammunition