Infinite Foundry Lda

Infinite Foundry is a 3D digital platform, which accurately houses the 3D model of the factory, obtained from laser scanning, called the digital twin of the 3D factory, to provide an easy 3D gamification experience that boosts industrial operational efficiency. This technology allows industry to keep facilities running while being monitored remotely and/or teleworking. Implementation is very easy, like installing a video game, and the power of having the entire 3D copy of the factory on a computer anywhere unlocks industrial operational efficiencies not possible until now.

General information


Rua Paulo da Gama, N 629

Point of Contact

André Godinho Luz

933 690 476

Areas of interest

3D printingActive Defence (Red teaming, Deception, Threat hunting)Artificial IntelligenceAutomation/RoboticsData ManagementDigital, Data & Emergent Hi-TechInformation SuperiorityLogistics/Integrated Logistics SupportR&DSimulation and Training