INOV INESC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Inovação

We started our activity in 2001, after a strategic reorganisation of INESC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering in 1998. This reorganisation aimed to better respond to market challenges, creating specialised organisations in different areas of activity. INOV, INESC-ID and INESC MN were born in Lisbon, INESC TEC in Porto and INESC Coimbra in Coimbra. INOV concentrated in its structure the Electronics and Telecommunications area of INESC, inheriting and reinforcing the recognition of differentiating technological competences, validated by the capacity for technological transfer. The Centre for Systems and Signal Processing (CSPS) and the Centre for Mobile and Personal Communications (CCMP) were integrated, as well as the Department of Support to the Electronics and Telecommunications area (DAET), responsible for the administrative activity, planning and control of activities, and the Coordination and Business Development (CDN), responsible for the definition and planning of strategic vectors, the development of business opportunities, the definition and implementation of marketing strategies. This heritage allows us to differentiate ourselves by the ability to manage projects whose fundamental objective is to develop solutions with a high level of Technological Maturity (NMT), ready to be commercialised by our partners. Communications Networks; Cybersecurity; Intelligent Systems; Enterprise Systems; Cyber-Physical Systems; Remote Monitoring.

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Rua Alves Redol, 9, 1000-029 Lisboa

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Luís Miguel Carvalho

21 310 0450

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