Magellan Circle - European Affairs Consultancy, Lda.

Magellan is a non-profit private law association focused on the representation of Portuguese interests abroad and the promotion of access to EU funding opportunities in a number of different sectors. Operating since 2009, Magellan engaged in the promotion and lobbying of Portuguese institutions and companies abroad, promoting the Portuguese image, while representing and bringing together the Portuguese-speaking communities. Operating since 2002, Circle Group provides innovative technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the entire supply chain, delivering high-value consultancy. In recent years the group developed a company, Circle Connecting EU (now renamed Magellan Circle Italy), specialized in supporting access to EU funding, project management and communication in the maritime and logistics areas. Building and combining each other’s experience and interests, in 2022, the two entities founded a new company now called Magellan Circle. Magellan Circle is a European Consultancy company that combines more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Transport, Mobility, Logistics, Environment, Circular Economy and Communication. We serve as trusted advisors and partners to a wide range of businesses, institutions and industries helping them accomplish their outcomes more efficiently through the creation of a tailored and integrated expertise with a dynamic ecosystem focused on innovation and value creation.

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Avenida da Boavista 1588, 7.º piso

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Joana Dias

917 785 848

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