NIT - Network Innovation in Textile lda.

NITexile is a Portuguese research, development and innovation company, which, in addition to other services, focuses on development on disruptive, innovative and confidential model to obtain fast and sustainable results. Our action is fully integrative in maximizing results, acting from the conception of the idea, through research and development and industrialization of solutions, as well as support in the market area. The vision of scientific excellence and the ability to maximise the industrialisation of the solutions are the strategic extended to the whole development, from the idea to the proof of concept, scaling up and launch to market. All this, in a single service. Nitextile is a dynamic interface between scientific knowledge and business development working in the fashion textile, technical textiles (protection, health and automotive), footwear, leather and components industries. The know-how of our team in research and "Factory Floor", allows the development of a wide range of disruptive and innovative projects, focused on sustainability and Time to Market.

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NIT - Network Innovation in Textile LDA

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