OPTIMAL STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS is the main engineering arm of the OPTIMAL GROUP. We have a comprehensive engineering capacity, covering Materials, CAD, FEA, CFD, Automation and Processes, which allows us to develop a complex product, and deliver prototypes to our customers. Furthermore, OSS leads the R&D within the group. Within OSS novel technologies and processes are developed, that are used to keep us at the sharp end of the technological developments.

General information


Rua do Moinho Vermelho, nº 50 Sítio da Cruz da Popa, 2645-449 Alcabideche

Point of Contact

Filipe Duarte

919 638 261


Areas of interest


FIRES 2 - Future Indirect Fires European Solution 2

2023 - 2026



Above 25 000 000 €

European Defence Fund

Between borders (eg. min. 3 EU member states)

The project will develop a future ammunition family for the European Indirect fire systems. The project will result in a longer range and higher accuracy capability within the timeframe 2030, offering an artillery projectile with 60km range minimum and circular error probability (CEP) 10m class and a rocket with 150 km range minimum and CEP 10m class. This will reinforce EU’s independence and competitiveness addressing concurrent markets by creating cost-effective in-house alternatives based on commonalities and interoperability between existing and future technology.