Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations. Consultancy Services: From Healthcare and Telco to Banking, our experienced team provides strategic insights and practical solutions that are specifically tailored to enhance efficiency and streamline your operations. IoT Engineering: Transform your operations with our IoT solutions that boost connectivity and optimize efficiency. Our skilled engineers specialize in designing and implementing robust IoT ecosystems that not only foster intelligence and automation but also improve asset control and reduce energy consumption. Agile OEM Software Development: Accelerate your product development with our agile approach. We craft flexible, scalable, and high-quality software that aligns perfectly with your hardware, ensuring seamless integration and performance. Unmatched Support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond delivery. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your solutions evolve with your business and the technological landscape.

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Rua Carlos Aleluia, nº 4, piso 1, loja 24

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Ana Catarina Gomes Ruela

925 565 738


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