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PartYard Military is a recognised global defence company, operating from several international offices. Our main areas of expertise cover the development of cutting-edge technology, efficient procurement and sustainable logistics. We are dedicated to providing lifecycle support for qualified systems, along with first-rate environmental services. In addition, we excel in world-class procurement services for defence-related needs. At PartYard Military, we are committed to providing exceptional solutions to meet the demands of the modern defence landscape. We have a proven ability to present parts and services to the international military aftermarket in the most efficient and strategic manner. With ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, we have been recognised for over a decade as one of the leading distributors of parts for aviation, naval and ground equipment.

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Rua Vieira da Silva, Edifício H&P Group Setúbal – Portugal

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Bruno José Pimenta Da Costa Monteiro

918 086 448

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