Produtech - Associação para as Tecnologias de Produção Sustentável

PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Hub - is an initiative promoted by the production technologies sector (FTP), which includes companies that develop and commercialise products and services capable of responding to the challenges and requirements of competitiveness and sustainability in the national and international manufacturing industry, with innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions. Arising in the context of the implementation of collective efficiency strategies aimed at innovation, qualification and modernisation of companies that produce and use production technologies, the PRODUTECH Hub fosters cooperation between companies in the sector and between them and other relevant players in a structured way, making it a key partner in strengthening the international competitiveness of the Portuguese economy. Its mission is to promote the sustainable development and internationalisation of the national production technology sector - manufacturers of machinery, equipment and systems, systems integrators, computer application development companies, engineering and industrial consultancy companies, among others - in close collaboration with the main sectors of Portuguese manufacturing industry and the Scientific and Technological System (SCT).

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Rua dos Plátanos, nº 197

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Sofia Miranda Veloso Ferreira

935 566 781

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