Protilis Portugal, Lda

PROTILIS is a SME belonging to the International Group UTILIS, manufacturer of tents, shelters, modular structures, field hospitals and decontamination systems and NRBQ protection, for various types of applications and serving on 5 continents. PROTILIS, created in December 2011, is duly accredited by the competent authorities with the accreditation of national security and licensed by the Ministry of National Defence for the industry and trade in military goods and technologies, is the Technical Centre of the whole group and responsible for research and supply of new solutions and services, for the National Territory and all over the World. PROTILIS, as a company of the UTILIS group, ensures to the customer all the support in presenting innovative and customised solutions, creating partnerships with a wide range of manufacturers, which are references of the respective industry, in order to be able to respond to all the challenges, both in National Territory and International. PROTILIS is today synonymous of technical advance, quality, experience, knowledge, to offer global solutions to customers with the highest levels of demand, taking into account the operational limitations and expectations of users, as a result of its ability to respond quickly and competently to the specific requirements of its customers. PROTILIS is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

General information


Avenida D. António Correia de Sá, nº 82 Pavilhão G, 2709-503 Sintra

Point of Contact


21 247 7712

Areas of interest

3D printingAerodrome and Airfield DesignAerospace Ground Equipment, Tooling , Jigs & Fixtures & Test EquipAir Combat and missile defenceAircraft StructureAirport and Air Traffic ManagementAmmunitions and PyrotechnicsArtificial IntelligenceAutomationAutomation/RoboticsBallistics EngineeringBattlespace CommunicationsBeyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) SystemsCBRNE, Medical Equipment & ServicesCivil protectionCoastal DefenceCombat Clothing & Soldier Support SystemsCommon Machinery & ComponentsConsulting & Management Advisory ServicesData ManagementDemilitarizationDigital, Data & Emergent Hi-TechEducation & TrainingElectrical & Electronics EquipmentEnvironmental ManagementEquipment and Other Aircraft ElectronicsGround CombatIndustry Support Professional Consultancy, Finance & LegalIndustry Support Technical R&D & EnvironmentInformation SuperiorityIntelligence and Data WarfareLogistics/Integrated Logistics SupportLogistics Support OperationsManufacturing Systems & Components Electrical/ ElectronicsManufacturing Systems & Components MechanicalMaritime InfrastructureMicro ElectronicsMilitary VehiclesMRO LandMRO NavalNaval ConstructionNDT (non-destructive testing)Packaging, Handling, Storage and TransporationPersonel EquipmentRadars, navigational data and surveillance systemsR&DSafety EquipmentSecurity SystemsShip Design, test and performanceSimulation and TrainingSurveillance and ReconnaissanceTesting, Certification and Quality AssuranceUnmanned Aerial SystemUnmanned Surface Marine Vehicles (USVs)Unmanned SystemsVehicle Electrical Systems EngineeringVehicle Electronics/Navigational Systems EngineeringWeapons & Ammunition