Our goal it's to provide top-class data science services and help organizations understand the impact that data can have on their business. Enlightenment.AI has worked with many clients to help them harness the power of data and automation. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality data science solutions that drive real business value and is proud of the impact it has had on its clients success. Data Strategy, Data Engineering and Data Science Consulting. Business Intelligence, RPA and Automations, Chatbot Development.

General information


Rua António José D'almeida, Nº 329, 3º, Escritório Nº 2, Coimbra

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Miguel Cabrita

915 341 140


Areas of interest

3D printingArtificial IntelligenceAutomationAutomation/RoboticsData ManagementDigital, Data & Emergent Hi-TechInformation SuperiorityInformation Technology - SoftwareR&D