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Machines and innovative automation solutions to help our clients become references in high-tech manufacturing industries. We are an industrial automation company, expert in developing and building machines. We provide the best resources to manufacture solutions for the industry's challenges. Manual Assembly, Batch Production: Mass production of parts after development and production of assembly tools. Various assemblies, manipulation, fixing, measuring or sealing, among others. High rigour and quality. Technical Support, In Person and Remote: Specialised team of mechanics focused on machinery maintenance and repair. Team of programmers, providing ongoing support to solve programming issues. Programming, Industrial Control: Control programming and industrial computing. Refits, Machine Modernisation: Reconstruction of assembly systems and modernisation of automation systems and electrical connections. Innovative and sustainable solutions to give a second life to the machines. Industries. We understand the needs and challenges of different industry sectors: Automotive (Advanced automotive connectivity solutions with proven results in reduced production costs and improved end products); Electrical & Electronics (High-tech solutions able to produce, test and control entire processes. Guaranteed high-volume productions and top-level performance); Biomedical (Customisable and innovative solutions to accompany the needs of the industry. Technologically advanced answers to complex challenges); Military (Concept and solutions development and production focused on improving performance and ensuring quality and applications for various systems); Railway (Versatile and flexible solutions to increase the movement of goods and passenger comfort and safety); Consumer Goods (Top-performance and highly customisable solutions to ensure the speed, flexibility and reliability of all products).

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