TAT - Trisolaris Advanced Technologies

TRISOLARIS is a small-scale manufacturer of advanced hardware and robotic components utilising new materials and out of the box solutions to meet customer needs. We design, produce and commercialise products and services for niche markets, able to satisfy customer needs with solutions that may not yet exist in the market. Our immediate mission is to proliferate advanced technologies such as those currently used in space or military engineering and provide practical solutions for commercialisation in civilian life. Among others, this concerns the development and commercialisation of complete systems and modules for robotics, surveying and monitoring systems designed for terrestrial and marine environments, technologies for the development of renewable energies and raw materials. Our long-term goal is to develop products and services that enable commercial access to space for us and our customers. This line of work includes R&D and further commercialisation of micro-robotic systems, drones, micro-satellites, multi-purpose autonomous vehicles, new propulsion systems and engineering solutions designed to support future space infrastructures.

General information


R. da Tecnologia K - Épsilon 2, 9560-421 Lagoa

Point of Contact

Natália Susana de Almeida e Silva

963 348 022


Areas of interest

Artificial IntelligenceAutomation/RoboticsR&DTesting, Certification and Quality AssuranceUnmanned Aerial System