Thales Edisoft Portugal, S.A.

Joint venture between Thales, NAV Portugal and IdD Portugal Defence. Thales Edisoft Portugal has earned a solid reputation in the information technology industry. Today, it is one of the most promising Portuguese software companies in the military and civilian fields. Responsible for offering its clientele the development of flexible solutions for software engineering and development, system integration and technology consultancy. Aware of today's information technology demands, Thales Edisoft Portugal in fact exhibits in-depth understanding and know-how of military specifications, needs, activities and quality standards, having delivered a number of technologically advanced solutions for C4I systems to customers around the world. Likewise, Thales Edisoft Portugal professionals are true experts on the continuously evolving market of civilian software applications, providing valuable consultancy services that highlight a global perspective support and advice on business strategy and the development and implementation of robust and reliable engineering solutions.

General information


Quinta da Fonte, N.6 - Q45

Point of Contact

Pedro Miguel Guerreiro Nunes

936 868 282


Areas of interest

Control Electronics TechnologiesData ManagementDigital, Data & Emergent Hi-TechElectrical & Electronics EquipmentGround Support EquipmentMission Operation and Ground Data SystemsMRO SpaceNetwork architecturesPersonal EquipmentR&DRemote Sensing and Ground SegmentSatellite NavigationSimulation and TrainingSpace Data Applications and DevelopmentWeapons & Ammunition