Space is becoming increasingly congested, with new space assets being launched almost daily. Telecommunications satellites cost billions of dollars and are now essential to our way of life. It's vital to know their location, as well as the location of debris and other space assets that could pose a threat. ThothX's EARTHFENCE technology offers the supercomputing power needed to detect space objects and track them continuously over periods of hours or days. ThothX Earthfence Deep Space Radar (DSR) is a fully digital pulse compression radar system capable of tracking metric-scale objects in geostationary orbits (GEO) and in XGEO. Range data has an accuracy of over 25 metres, sufficient to be used for navigation, space surveillance, space traffic management and collision avoidance. Based on a 46 m antenna in Canada, ThothX currently provides real-time GEO radar data services for the American continent. With two additional antennas - 1 in Australia and 1 in the Azores (Portugal) - ThothX will increase its capacity for almost total GEO coverage. ThothX - Serviços de Radar Espacial Lda. is leading the process of reactivating a 32m antenna in the Azores archipelago and adapting ThothX's technology to cover GEO assets over the Atlantic and Europe.

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