Financing and Acceleration Opportunities for SMEs

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The European Commission, with the support of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), has launched a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Fund to promote a faster recovery of the European Union (EU) economy and strengthen SME resilience. Applications will be open until 8 December.

The SME Fund aims to protect intangible assets, including industrial property rights, in order to boost competitiveness, innovation and economic growth of companies in Portugal. In this way, SMEs will be able to consider Industrial Property (IP) as an investment, allowing them to generate revenue from these assets and protect themselves from future infringement of their patents, trademarks or designs.

SMEs will be able to apply for partial reimbursement of fees related to pre-screening of Industrial Property (IP) - IP Scan, trademarks and designs, patents and plant varieties. After the approval of the application, vouchers will be issued that can be activated later to make the partial reimbursement of the fees related to the selected modalities. Currently, there are four modalities of support available:

VOUCHER 1: IP pre-screening service - reimbursement of 90% of expenses up to 810

VOUCHER 2: Protection of trademarks and designs - reimbursement up to 1,000

VOUCHER 3: National and European patents - reimbursement up to 1,500

VOUCHER 4: Plant varieties protected within the Community framework - reimbursement up to 225

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